Safety Management Systems

Having a safety management system (SMS) that suits your operation and is correctly implemented, will not only ensure you comply with current National Standards, it will also help to reduce costs through a reduction in injuries to crew and passengers. It will also help to increase crew morale.

Current Worksafe legislation has been changed to include Manslaughter in the workplace through accidents to workers who are not working under Safe System of Work Practices. Australian Businesses need to protect themselves against this legislation by Implementing a compliant SMS.

AMSA have recently reviewed Marine Order 504 and have highlighted the importance of implementing compliant SMS and Auditing of SMS.

Mariner working through SMS checklist
Marine order 504 includes:

  • application requirements for a certificate of operation
  • criteria which must be met for AMSA to issue or renew a certificate of operation
  • conditions on a certificate of operation
  • requirements for renewing, varying, suspending and revoking a certificate of operation
  • application requirements for temporary crewing permits
  • safety management system and operation requirements
  • additional operational requirements for Class 4 hire and drive vessels
  • key definitions.

We will design an easy to use, well planned SMS that will not encumber your day to day operations and that will be easy for an external party to Audit.

At Green Sea Survey we employ very competent staff who have extensive and direct experience in the Safety sectors of the Offshore, Towage and Fishing industries, who can offer the following services to ensure your operations’ SMS is compliant and is implemented correctly.

  • SMS desktop audit. We can complete desktop audits of your vessel’s current systems, providing advice, strategies, and alternate systems, customised to your operation.
  • SMS writing to suit an array of different operations.
  • SMS Training to key crew personnel to see full implementation for continued compliance.
  • SMS annual external audits, to ensure that you remain compliant.
  • Information about current legislation around SMS
Contact us now for your free quote to implement an SMS that will be tailor made to your operation.